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Our Mission

Parallel Lines

About Bakwaas Comedy Club

Bakwaas Comedy Club has been established with the purpose of offering a comfortable haven for the Hindi-speaking community in London and throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide access to live comedy, poetry, monologues, storytelling, and various other forms of entertainment. Through our regular stand-up events, we endeavor to offer a platform for local artists to discover and express their talents. All our events are open to the public, and we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and inviting atmosphere for everyone.

Additionally, we frequently feature renowned stand-up comedians, and our successful shows have traversed across the UK and Ireland. Notable comedians such as Ravi Gupta and Gaurav Gupta have graced our stages, adding to the laughter and joy experienced by our audiences.

Meet The Team


Mandeep Singh

Founder and CEO


Naman Sapra

Creative Director


Pankaj Gupta

PR Manager

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